The expert blockchain developers at ReGov Technologies have gained comprehensive knowledge on blockchain technology and we are ready to take the public sector and enterprises forward.

Why Blockchain?


It works as a system of record that shares data among participants of the business network, eliminating the need to reconcile disparate ledgers and trust a 3rd party.


Data can only be added but not deleted or overwritten thereby securing accountability & a manipulation resistant audit trail.


Intelligence agency level standard cryptography built in as an integral part of the architecture. Byzantine & Crash Fault Tolerant by virtue of distribution and consensus mechanism.

ReGov Technologies

Blockchain Development

Blockchain is undeniably an ingenious innovation that allows collaboration in ecosystem where participants have limited trust in each other. It also enables businesses and government to engage in an unprecedented level transparency. Blockchains' temper resistance makes it further very attractive for use cases where the integrity of the system, solution or governance provider is imperative and hence has to be secured long term. 

At ReGov Technologies we have no doubts that blockchain solutions will be an important part of the next revolution in various industries and the public sector.

Have an awesome idea? Like to drive transparency & efficiency? Let's collaborate.

Tools and Technology

An sub-set of blockchain frameworks, tools & languages leveraged by us:




and many more......

Potential Industries :




Health Care

Real Estate

Supply Chain



and many more......

Industries that benefits from Blockchain

The financial industry may be sophisticated in its current form, but the introduction of blockchain technology is certain to improve the more sluggish facets of the financial world. The further implementation of blockchain technology will increase the speed of banking services as well as the decreased reliance and the fees associated with intermediaries like brokers.

Want to know if your business can benefit from blockchain technology? 

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