Hyperledger has its FIRST Malaysian member: ReGov Technologies

ReGov Technologies Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian tech firm, is proud to announce its membership in Hyperledger, further contributing to the positive momentum Hyperledger is experiencing. Hyperledger is an open-source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. This global collaboration is hosted by the Linux Foundation and includes leaders from the finance, banking, Internet of Things (IoT), supply chain, manufacturing and technology.

“ReGov Technologies’ membership in Hyperledger is a historic moment as it is the first Malaysian organisation to join. Hyperledger is an integral part of the Blockchain ecosystem driving positive changes not only in an organisation’s DNA but in Malaysia as a whole. Owing to its agile, secure and open-source nature, every business can operate in a seamless fashion whilst cutting cost and increase its competitiveness. It is a transformational technology that will help re-shape the future of Malaysia.”

Ramachandran Muniandy,
Chairman, ReGov Technologies

With its membership in Hyperledger, ReGov is driving Malaysia to augment its contribution towards a global network of professionals who work in the areas of research, development and the advancement of blockchain technologies. Consequently, ReGov’s blockchain experts will now have a wide-ranging insight into Hyperledger and are poised to advise and influence new solutions and delivering next-generation blockchain services.

“We are excited to be the first general member of Hyperledger in Malaysia. The goal is to infuse and grow the capabilities of Hyperledger within the Malaysian public and private sector to build trust and accountability while streamlining processes to reduce cost. Leveraging the ecosystem of Hyperledger, ReGov will drive change using this next-generation technology to improve transparency and governance within all organisational spheres in Malaysia.”

Datuk Paul Khoo,
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Openness, transparency and interoperability of blockchain technologies are the objectives of Hyperledger. ReGov’s mission mirrors that of Hyperledger and our inclusive, transparent and efficient solutions is a vital link in connecting to the global network. We understand the potential blockchain has to significantly alter existing business models through the development of decentralized networks that facilitate businesses, mitigating complexities, enhancing efficiencies and strengthen security.

“Not only does Hyperledger connect ReGov Technologies with high achievers of the distributed ledger tech space, it further fuels our belief in transparency and co-creation. Being 100% open sourced, we committed to positively contribute to this burgeoning global ecosystem”

Simon Ulrich,
Chief Technology Officer

Blockchain is synonymous with transparency, auditability and traceability. In spite of the many advancements in the public, private and hybrid blockchain platforms, even with safeguards such as consensus protocols, there is no one platform with a foolproof solution for validating the identity of participating entities. In order for blockchain to succeed, it is critical to enable strong identity assertions without compromise to privacy. With the introduction of Hyperledger through ReGov, we aim to enhance multilateral blockchain professionals’ competences in joint-research, development and the advancement of blockchain technologies for the Malaysian technology ecosystem.

Hyperledger, an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, today announced nine new members, including ReGov Technologies Sdn Bhd. 

For more information, read the press release from The Linux Foundation

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