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Cloud-based conversational AI system

R.I.C.H.A. (ReGov’s Intelligent Contact Handling Assistant) is a cloud-based conversational AI system.

It automates customer service & lead qualification via text & voice-enabled chatbots.

It perfectly complements any multi-channel customer engagement strategy and delivers immediate cost savings of up to 70% to any existing contact centre operation. It natively integrates into the OMNI suite but can also be deployed as a standalone platform.

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Customer Onboarding for Loan Originators & Brokers

Lightning-fast automated loan application processing

An automated customer onboarding system for Loan Originators & Brokers that is fast, accurate, reduces cost, provides litigation support and increases conversions. 

Engineered to collect borrower information, generate offer documents, receive e-signatures & create credit papers in 5 minutes.


All-encompassing intelligent asset management platform

OMNI.iAM systematically automates & supports all front, middle & back-office processes of an Asset Management Company (‘AMC’).

OMNI.iAM is a highly scalable, cloud & enterprise blockchain-based, Platform as a Service (‘PaaS’) solution. It is the only complete end-to-end ERP platform that an AMC will ever have to buy to run its business.

Designed to deliver cost savings of up to 75% by automating commonly outsourced processes such as transfer agency and provide new top-line opportunities via state-of-the-art digital client engagement channels.


Blockchain secured, self-sovereign digital identity management system

OMNI.ID functions as OMNI’s identity management and eKYC module, but can also add value to other financial services organizations, not only Asset Management Companies.

On top of its eKYC capabilities OMNI.ID is a full-blown self-sovereign digital identity management solution. It is technically capable to prove any verifiable claim without unnecessarily disclosing personal information.

While there are several e-KYC solutions available on the market, OMNI.ID is so far the only commercially available solution that provides an enterprise-grade blockchain secured, self-sovereign ID solution combined with credential re-use and risk scoring.

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