Regov CEO Simon Ulrich Speaks at Malaysia Tech Month’s Digital Investment Week Organised by MDEC

Blockchain: Major Applications That Will Move Malaysia Forward

Digital Investment Week is a section of MDEC’s Malaysia Tech Month where one of the panel sessions was on Blockchain. On the impressive panel of speakers was Simon Ulrich (CEO at ReGov Technologies), joined by Harpreet Singh Maan (CEO of BlockLime & President of ACCESS Blockchain Association Malaysia), and Mohd Ibrahim (VP of Investment Attraction at IIB Ventures Sdn Bhd & Project Director of Blockchain Village @ Medini). Each of them offering their insight and varied perspectives on the Blockchain space in Malaysia.

The presenter moderating this discussion was Jasmine Ng, Co-Founder of Endgame & Secretary @ ACCESS. The discussion began with delving into each of the panellists’ entry and current operations in Malaysia’s Blockchain scene, with Ibrahim speaking on the collaborative effort between a private and public initiative in building Johor’s Blockchain Hub; Simon touching on his motivation for setting down roots in Malaysia; and Harpreet’s personal journey in why he pursued blockchain and where that has led him.

Following these, the conversation was centred around current circumstances within this space, with mention to insufficient public policy and support, speed and clarity in regulation as a catalyst in propelling technological advancement, in addition to negative press and general confusion between decentralised finance (DeFi) and Blockchain as a hindrance for development. Furthermore, panellists noted from overseas Blockchain sectors that in order to create and pioneer the change they wish to see, the private sector is the catalyst and should continue pioneering in spite of the absence of governmental support in the form of regulatory clarity and grants. Education was also cited as a pivotal tool in empowering Blockchain’s advancement beyond regulatory action and government support.

Click here to view the video. The session starts at the 6:50 time stamp.

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