Regov Featured on Local Business Radio Station, BFM on its Contribution to the Future of e-Voting in Malaysia

Regov’s CEO, Simon Ulrich, was recently invited to speak on BFM 89.9 about the e-voting platform Regov Technologies had developed for Bersih 2.0. As a pioneer e-voting platform in the country, some among the public were understandably nervous to upload their personal details and their confidential votes onto an online system.

In this segment, Simon explains the various benefits of e-voting versus traditional manual voting, as well as gives an overview of the system security and user privacy. He also touches on possible future uses for an e-voting solution, scaling up from local polls to even nationwide elections.

Among the key benefits discussed are the cost of running an e-voting system either instead of, or in parallel to, a traditional election, as well as the security of such a system versus the manual counting of votes.

He also addresses concerns such as possible tampering of votes, the adoption rate of such a system globally as well as in Malaysia, and the future of blockchain in e-voting.

To hear all this and more, listen to the segment attached in the link below.

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