ReGov Partners with Sydney-based Mortgage Lender to Supercharge Lead Generation with AI

ReGov Technologies has recently formed a partnership with non-bank commercial lender Acumen Finance to introduce artificial intelligence to their operations. Acumen intends to use the large-scale outreach capabilities of AI to pursue leads on prospective customers, leveraging the emerging technology to provide a more personalised experience to potential customers as opposed to traditional digital marketing methods.

“We are excited about the fact that we can reach 30,000 potential customers a day and then process and assess commercial loans at lightning speed based on the automation and tech in the back-end!”

Nathan, CEO of Acumen Finance.
Acumen Finance now enjoys a significantly more efficient, secure and scalable back end loan application process on their website.

The partnership has been featured in Marketing Magazine Asia. Click here to view the article.

Learn more about the Customer Onboarding System we engineered for Acumen Finance.

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