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Blockchain is a decentralized computing platform. Tamper-Resistant, secure, immutable and consensus driven characteristics of the blockchain make it a potent solution. The power of blockchain can be leverage to unlock new value for enterprises and public sector.

Machine learning

Machine Learning is a vital sub-discipline of Artificial Intelligence. It enables systems to learn from data & feedback provided by humans. Opposed to the classical deterministic approach to software development machine learning allows us to build systems than learn new abilities and concepts very much like children do by observation and recognizing patterns.

Day-to-day examples of applied Machine Learning include recommendation engines of big web

portals as well as facial recognition and self driving cars.

big data analytics

Big Data Analytics is about harnessing the potential value hidden in large data sets to arrive at richer and deeper insights. Using the latest methods and technologies enables business to not only collect more data than ever but to make sense out of it, improve business processes and generate new business opportunities.

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