The Future of Online Petitions

There exists a problem with modern government that up until now has seemed near-impossible to address. In a traditional parliamentary democracy, citizens will vote on a single representative to speak for them in parliament, protect their interests, lead the district/constituency, and all other things governmental leaders are expected to do. 

However, a common issue that all these elected representatives face is that they will almost never know the exact view of their constituents. Occasionally an issue might blow up, or become the subject of vocal support/opposition, but otherwise, these officials are left to their own devices. In these situations, they are often forced into a position whereby they have to assume the majority’s decision. They base their decisions on factors such as the demographic of their constituency, their supporter’s previous opinions, or in unfortunate cases, the vocalness of a particular sect of citizens.

At the same time, they cannot be blamed. The tools they have at their disposal are limited by both time and money. To have townhall meetings on every issue would be extremely costly, and to run physical polls on every small issue would tedious, if not impossible. Until now that is.

Online polling has been gaining popularity recently, with sites like or even the UK’s own parliamentary petition platform growing in usage. However, what if one were to want to limit the petition to a specific set of people, say, their own constituency? They would be able to stop external forces from influencing their decisions, and they would get a thorough and detailed look at what their stakeholders truly appreciate. This would lead to extremely educated decisions. More importantly, the elected representative can always rely on having the hard data to show that their decisions are backed up by the will of their people.

Enter Regov’s latest offering, SERVE. Our system leverages e-KYC standards that are already in use to keep financial services secure to create an impenetrable system for online polling. Government officials can use SERVE to limit petitions to a specific set of their voters, based off their IDs, constituents, age, professions, etc. Moreover, a streamlined registration can allow qualified users to create accounts in less than 2 minutes, making the platform extremely accessible to even the technologically illiterate. 

By balancing security and accessibility as well as tweaking the features to our customer’s specific needs, Regov Technologies is able to provide a comprehensive e-voting solution that can fit any occasion. Whether it be a small-scale ID checking local poll or a comprehensive state-level blockchain-based official vote, Regov will be able to provide all the tools necessary for a modern-day government.

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